Wednesday, 25 December 2013

New Midge!!

Happy Christmas Everyone!! I didn't want to brag about my presents or anything but i just wanted to show you this lovely gift my Wonderful mother got me.
She got me a new Midge doll with her bump AND Allan and Ryan ;) Im a happy Apple ;)

Monday, 2 December 2013

Let's Get Christmasy!!

Gennie- "Hey, Wanna help me Decorate?"
Steven- "Sure"  (Christmas song to listen to while you read ;) )
Gennie - "Lets put some Christmas music on though"
Steven- " Haha to get in the Christmasy mood?"

Gennie- " I Think we did a good job"
Steven- " Yup But i think there's one thing missing"
Gennie - " What?"

Steven - *Grins* "This!"
Gennie *Smiles*

Steven- " Oh look who's Under the Mistletoe"

Gennie - " Fine,  but only on the cheek"

*Steven Turns his head*

Gennie - "Haha Cheeky" *Smiling*
Steven - "You know you wanted to *Winks*

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Cody Simpson Doll & a Christmas tree

Hello fellow bloggers! 
I went to WHAT! the other day. The store is called WHAT! because everything is so low priced and they sell absolutely everything!

I saw this Cody Simpson doll last time i went but it was i
priced at £11.99 so i left it there. I went back there the 
other day and it was priced at £2.99 so i bought it!

The guitar looked pretty cool

And he came with a Microphone and shoes 

I mainly bought him for his clothes because they fit my Ken's 

He sings a bit of one of his songs and his elbows, Knees and Feet are articulated.

I was impressed with the Mic and Guitar, they are really well made
The shoes have a nice design too!

I also went to Poundland (You know the British version of the Dollar store)
and picked up this tree which is perfect size for dolls

It lights up and is battery powered but i didn't like it so i disconnected the light up bit so now its just a boring tree ;)

Do you have the Cody Simpson Doll? What Do you think of him?
Thanks for reading :D

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

My Dad Took my castle away :(

Well Hello there :)
So about the post title.
My Dad went up in the attic today to get some stereos down and i asked him if i could have my castle (Barbie and the magical Pegasus. Something like that) I've had it for a while now, about....8 years or so. 
He got it down and i couldn't wait to get building, And just as i opened the box he said; "Actually, pack it all back up, it might be worth some money in a few years" 
Damn! i quickly looked at the box for the contents and noticed there were some chairs and small accessories in the box. So i rummaged through the box to find them and then taped the box back up to be put back in the attic. 
This is what i managed to grab-

There are 2 Adult sized Barbie Chairs and One Shelly one

2 Doll stands
x1 for Babrie
x1 for Ken

Shelly Bed

3 accessories  bags

4 Small bottles of perfume and a tea pot in the first bag

2 Forks, 4 plates and 2 cups in the second bag

2 tiaras, 4 clips and 2 hair brushes in the 3rd bag

Here'a my newest doll Halle modeling the crowns

This crown is from a different play set. Look at the difference of quality between the crowns
comment which is your favorite :)

Here's The new doll story Guys! :D

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

How to make a Jenga Sofa (For Barbie)

Have you ever fancied making a sofa out of wood, but you can't cut the wood?
Well now you can! Using Jenga blocks of course!

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Candles a Husband and Boyfriend

The Next day...

Helen: Don't be late, i have something nice planned for us this evening.
Matt: I won't.
Helen: Have fun with your friends
Matt: *Grin* Bye babe I love you
Helen: *Smile* I love you too, Byee

*A few moments later Gennie and Johnny enter the room*

Gennie: Oh you're still here?
Helen: Yeah, it's my day off
*Gennie turns to Johnny*

Johnny: Well i'll guess i'll be seeing you later?
Gennie: Yep, I'll see you later
Johnny :Bye
Gennie: Bye

Helen: Who was that?
Gennie: Johnny
Helen: Oh your old College friend? You guys seem a bit close to be just friends?
Gennie: He asked me to be his girl Last night and Ya know wink wink nudge nudge.
*Both Laugh*
*Car horn beeps from outside*
Gennie: I Guess thats my cab, See yo later
Helen: See ya!

*A few hours later, Helen has lit some candles and poured some wine*
**Matt walks in**
Matt: Hey babe i'm home
Helen: Hey babe, Wine?
*She hands him a glass of wine*

Matt: Candles, wine and a beautiful, sexy wife all in one night, It's not my birthday?
Helen:  *Smile* Haha, but it will be soon and i want to make this night extra special, Because on your birthday we're gonna be in New York.
*Pulls Plane tickets out from her bag*

*He grabs Helen so she is on his lap*
Matt: What a wonderful gift from a wonderful wife
Helen: *Smile* I love you Matt


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