Wednesday, 25 December 2013

New Midge!!

Happy Christmas Everyone!! I didn't want to brag about my presents or anything but i just wanted to show you this lovely gift my Wonderful mother got me.
She got me a new Midge doll with her bump AND Allan and Ryan ;) Im a happy Apple ;)

Monday, 2 December 2013

Let's Get Christmasy!!

Gennie- "Hey, Wanna help me Decorate?"
Steven- "Sure"  (Christmas song to listen to while you read ;) )
Gennie - "Lets put some Christmas music on though"
Steven- " Haha to get in the Christmasy mood?"

Gennie- " I Think we did a good job"
Steven- " Yup But i think there's one thing missing"
Gennie - " What?"

Steven - *Grins* "This!"
Gennie *Smiles*

Steven- " Oh look who's Under the Mistletoe"

Gennie - " Fine,  but only on the cheek"

*Steven Turns his head*

Gennie - "Haha Cheeky" *Smiling*
Steven - "You know you wanted to *Winks*

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