Wednesday, 23 October 2013

My Dad Took my castle away :(

Well Hello there :)
So about the post title.
My Dad went up in the attic today to get some stereos down and i asked him if i could have my castle (Barbie and the magical Pegasus. Something like that) I've had it for a while now, about....8 years or so. 
He got it down and i couldn't wait to get building, And just as i opened the box he said; "Actually, pack it all back up, it might be worth some money in a few years" 
Damn! i quickly looked at the box for the contents and noticed there were some chairs and small accessories in the box. So i rummaged through the box to find them and then taped the box back up to be put back in the attic. 
This is what i managed to grab-

There are 2 Adult sized Barbie Chairs and One Shelly one

2 Doll stands
x1 for Babrie
x1 for Ken

Shelly Bed

3 accessories  bags

4 Small bottles of perfume and a tea pot in the first bag

2 Forks, 4 plates and 2 cups in the second bag

2 tiaras, 4 clips and 2 hair brushes in the 3rd bag

Here'a my newest doll Halle modeling the crowns

This crown is from a different play set. Look at the difference of quality between the crowns
comment which is your favorite :)

Here's The new doll story Guys! :D

Saturday, 12 October 2013

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