Saturday, 15 June 2013

Charity/Thrift shop finds

   Ugh! I Hate rain, But me being the person i am i decided to go Shopping ( and i'm also full up with a cold). I Was meant to go for new tops for my holiday next week but.... Instead i Found these Vintage (Ish) Barbie's!

I walked in the shop and immediately ran to the little basket they were in.
They had loads of Kelly dolls, Loads of Barbies, one steffi doll and 2 Kens.
I was thinking about buying the Ken, But his head was falling off :(
And the Kellys has silly Buttons on the back of them (Which i also hate). 
So i Bought a few Barbies, and i forgot to mention,  THEY WERE ARTICULATED! (BONUS!)

Doll Nudity

They were all in pretty good condition and for 50p who could pass this offer? Some of them were a bit dirty and all of their hair Frizzed.
But Barbies hair can easily be restored.

These ones have flat feet 

but this one has normal feet

and 2 of the dolls were dressed in these.

Friday, 14 June 2013

Alex's Makeover

My Alex doll was in desperate need of a makeover, All the bottom of her hair was frizzed which could not be fixed. I decided to give her a Shoulder length cut, which if i must say really suits her. 
Her eye make-up was painted on with Black acrylic paint.

Before (Sorry about the bad quality)


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