Friday, 23 August 2013

When you reach that side of the internet

Sorry i haven't posted in a couple weeks, I haven't really had anything to write about.
Anyway, You know that time in the when its like 2 in the morning and you're just shopping around on Ebay for Barbies and stuff? Yeah well, it's that time for me.
I was looking at Barbie wedding dresses on Ebay and decided to change the Category from Dolls&Bears to Clothes,Shoes and Accessories. 
Did you know you can get a (Human not barbie) Wedding dress for £18.00!
I mean REALLY?! 

I Suppose i should Post something about my Barbies too.

With Helen and Matt away, Poor Gennie is all alone in a big apartment, Or is she? Looks like someones has been over for a glass of wine.

Friday, 2 August 2013

Everything (Barbie) Baby

    Here is My collection of My Barbie Baby things so far (Including a Shelly High chair I Purchased on Ebay that is still in the mail).

In this Photo We have a Collection of Miniature Baby items Such as:
  • Bowls and Spoons
  • Dummies/Pacifiers 
  • Toys such as Rattles and Balls etc...
  • Bottles And Beakers
  • Clothes
  • Stuffed Animals
  • Blankets/Pillows
  • .... 

The Dummies/ Pacifiers are my Favorite find out of all my baby things.
I Bought a Scoubidou set on a stall when i went on a day trip, and these were the accessories.

It took ages to stand up these bottles, so you get a nice close up of them!
The pink ones are make by Simba toys, The 2 white Milk bottles are Mattel (I think!), The Transparent Blue bottle is from the "I Can be Baby sitter set", and Finally, The blue one on the right i think is from Zhu Zhu pets.

Here are my only 2 Mattel Babies. The Large one is from the "I Can be baby sitter  ("ICBBS")" set.
And the smaller one is from the 2005 Play all day midge Collection, But its also from the Happy families Line,

On the Left is a Polymer Clay bear i made. Then the Yellow Bear is from Zhu Zhu pets (i think!), And the 3 remaining are Collectable Erasers. I Bought the Erasers Mainly for the elephant because its Just tooo Cute!

The Green thing is From the Cool sitter set, (Which i don't really like. It came with a bundle of clothes i bought)
The Yellow Thing is a Towel from the "ICBBS" Set.  The Heart Blanket is From a Simba Toy set i bought, and so is the pink outfit.

And here are My 5 Simba babies.

This Collection is made by Simba as well.
My favorite one is the Pink pram

This is the Play all day set by Mattel. I Found an Extra Changing table in a Charity shop.

Last but not Least the "ICBBS" Set i bought on ebay.

I was Really Upset when it came back because, The Tray is missing from this, and i got really angry. So i will probably end up selling this Back on ebay.

Here is everything Small Packed away in a Freezer bag/ Zip lock Bag.

Can you Imagine How much i would get if i sold all this? I think on an estimate, everything here cost about £30-£40 for everything. Wow!

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Free Barbie Doll Magazine Printables

The BELLE Magazine i made (BELLE instead of ELLE :D), But the rest i found on the internet.

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