Thursday, 24 April 2014


Hello my fellow (like 5) Bloggers! 
It's been a while,
I know :L
Iv'e been so busy these past couple of months.
I actually have friends now so iv'e been out with them a lot, Whereas before i would just sit in t room and play with my dolls or do homework or somethin'... so they've been a big part of my life.
Also i have stupid school work more often this year because i'm doing my Exam's! (THEY SUCK!) 
So i've been pretty busy with that. So i haven't been able to post on here or on Youtube.
I have an instagram account though, where i post regularly. There's kind of a story going on, on there, and i'm currently working on a stop motion so i can turn that story into a video for youtube! 
I hope everyone is well and Blogging fine. I still read them! I find time for that (duh! Who wouldn't?)

Here's a new video: )

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