Sunday, 3 November 2013

Cody Simpson Doll & a Christmas tree

Hello fellow bloggers! 
I went to WHAT! the other day. The store is called WHAT! because everything is so low priced and they sell absolutely everything!

I saw this Cody Simpson doll last time i went but it was i
priced at £11.99 so i left it there. I went back there the 
other day and it was priced at £2.99 so i bought it!

The guitar looked pretty cool

And he came with a Microphone and shoes 

I mainly bought him for his clothes because they fit my Ken's 

He sings a bit of one of his songs and his elbows, Knees and Feet are articulated.

I was impressed with the Mic and Guitar, they are really well made
The shoes have a nice design too!

I also went to Poundland (You know the British version of the Dollar store)
and picked up this tree which is perfect size for dolls

It lights up and is battery powered but i didn't like it so i disconnected the light up bit so now its just a boring tree ;)

Do you have the Cody Simpson Doll? What Do you think of him?
Thanks for reading :D
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