Tuesday, 24 September 2013

How to make a Jenga Sofa (For Barbie)

Have you ever fancied making a sofa out of wood, but you can't cut the wood?
Well now you can! Using Jenga blocks of course!

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Candles a Husband and Boyfriend

The Next day...

Helen: Don't be late, i have something nice planned for us this evening.
Matt: I won't.
Helen: Have fun with your friends
Matt: *Grin* Bye babe I love you
Helen: *Smile* I love you too, Byee

*A few moments later Gennie and Johnny enter the room*

Gennie: Oh you're still here?
Helen: Yeah, it's my day off
*Gennie turns to Johnny*

Johnny: Well i'll guess i'll be seeing you later?
Gennie: Yep, I'll see you later
Johnny :Bye
Gennie: Bye

Helen: Who was that?
Gennie: Johnny
Helen: Oh your old College friend? You guys seem a bit close to be just friends?
Gennie: He asked me to be his girl Last night and Ya know wink wink nudge nudge.
*Both Laugh*
*Car horn beeps from outside*
Gennie: I Guess thats my cab, See yo later
Helen: See ya!

*A few hours later, Helen has lit some candles and poured some wine*
**Matt walks in**
Matt: Hey babe i'm home
Helen: Hey babe, Wine?
*She hands him a glass of wine*

Matt: Candles, wine and a beautiful, sexy wife all in one night, It's not my birthday?
Helen:  *Smile* Haha, but it will be soon and i want to make this night extra special, Because on your birthday we're gonna be in New York.
*Pulls Plane tickets out from her bag*

*He grabs Helen so she is on his lap*
Matt: What a wonderful gift from a wonderful wife
Helen: *Smile* I love you Matt


Friday, 20 September 2013

Be My Girl?

  Gennie's Sister is visiting her today, Helen and Matt are out for the evening so Gennie wont be disturbed.
                                          **KNOCK KNOCK** 

Gennie: Hey Johnny, what are you doing here?
Johnny: You invited me remember?

Gennie: Oh Yeah i Forgot!
Johnny: I Can go if you want?
Gennie: No don't do that, uh Glass of wine?

Johnny: Go on then 
Gennie: Have a seat

Gennie: Here you go 
Johnny; Thanks
Gennie: My sister is coming over too, is that okay?
Johnny: Yup

*Leigh walks in*
Leigh: GENNIE!
Gennie: LEIGH!
*They hug*
Leigh: I've missed you sis
Gennie: Me too

Gennie: You remember My friend Johnny?
Leigh: Yup, Hey Johnny
Johnny: Hey

*Gennie pours a glass of wine for her sister and they begin to talk. They talk for nearly an hour*
*Leigh Leaves after another 30 mins, its just Gennie and Johnny*

Gennie: Another Glass of Wine?
Johnny: No thanks, come sit by me
Gennie: Okay

*Johnny Grabs Gennie's hands*

Gennie: W-What are you doing?
Johhny: Gennie, I haven't stopped  thinking about you all these years, i want you, no i need you in my life so, will you be my girl?
Gennie: Yes! Okay!


Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Car Boot Finds and Tattoo's

I went to the car boot sale on Sunday, Not looking for anything in paticular, any dolls that i fancy, accessories & stuff.

And i got this Ken doll for £2.00,I think he's the princess charm school ken.
He is in a really good condition and he also came with shoes :O
He's not articulated or anything, but he'll do. 
I Also got this Blonde barbie doll. I dunno what she is from but she has a beautiful dress so i bought her (Did not come with a Fashionista body, she's boring Gennie's for now).

The ken Is now Called Johnathan Jake Blaton, but he prefers to be called Johnny.
He is an old friend of Gennie's. They were bestfriends in College until Johnny decided to pursuit his Career as a Male model, Which ment they lost touch with each-other. Before he left they had a going away party and got a little drunk and made their way to the Tattoo Parlor. Gennie's Tattoo is on her lower back and Johnny's first Tattoo was The "Mom" one. I Bet they where a little surprised when they woke up the next morning?
Johnny is Back in town and Gave Gennie a call for a "Friendly" Dinner Date. He's Always had a bit of a crush on Gennie but never told her.He got the rest of the Tattoos on the road while modeling.

I Also got this Blonde barbie doll for 50p. I dunno what she is from but she has a beautiful dress so i bought her (Did not come with a Fashionista body, she's boring Gennie's for now).

The female Barbie is Called Heidi Roberts, She's a Ex-SuperModel and decided she wants to start a fashion Magazine Called  'à la mode' Which means Fashion style in French. She is Currently looking for Female models for her magazine.

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Finally, A Custom OOAK that's actually worked for me!

Just in Case you didn't know-
OOAK- One Of A Kind

Yay! I've finally customized a doll and not ended up throwing it away or shoving it to one side.
I don't know how my brain decided to strip the factory paint off a doll, But it did.
NOTE: I have tried to customize a doll in the past and it had failed. So if this post inspires you to try and create your own custom/OOAK Doll, don't get angry with yourself because you can't do it, or its not going right. practice makes perfect :~D.

So i stripped the factory paint of one of my Simba Baby's. The paint came off pretty quickly, Which was great. And since i don't have any Acrylic paints, I decided to use my Watercolour Pencils. 
When i started 'drawing' on my doll i started with the tip of the pencil wet, Which just made a huge mess on the dolls face. So i wiped away and started again.
Without getting the tip wet i started 'drawing' on my doll again, i took a couple of pencil strokes for the colour to appear on the dolls face. I  dabbed away the heavy lines i had made so that the pencil would fade a bit on the dolls face to make it look more realistic. 


Meet Baby Jesse Born 02 September 2013, at 2:29am.
17lb 2oz 

He isn't totally finished yet, He still needs to be Sealed. 
I Can't decide what i'm going to do with Jesse. I might ask my mum if i can  sell him On Ebay at a starting price for £53.00 or am i being to optimistic?
Tell me what you think about Jesse in the comments. I love reading them. 
And since i said "I might ask my mum" someone might want to know how old i am? I'm 14, 15 on October 20th.

Also: If i am allowed to sell him and you don't live in the united Kingdom, ink i'd Sorry but i don't think i'd be able to ship :'~(

  AFTER       /   BEFORE

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