Saturday, 2 March 2013

Barbie Baby set 2

Family set

So i just bought this Set of dolls called Steffi Love.
Steffi Is the Mom
Evi is Steffi's sister.
Kevin is The Dad
and the babies don't really have names they are up to you!
Anyways i bought it for around £8:00 odd i can't really remember!
She came with loads of bits and bobs for the baby, a very small pram, a baby and a 11/12inch doll.
I don't really like how cheep the pram is, its very small!

I also bought an Evi doll, she came with a Flask, Bike and helmet, she was around £2.99.
She has good knee joints (they bend) and her hands are curved to fit in the bike handles.
I like this product because its not so cheep and it great fun to play with, she stays on the bike if you put her on a certain way but otherwise she's great!

I can't wait to buy more of this family set!!

Happy Collecting Everyone! :D
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