Friday, 31 May 2013

Articulated Steffi Love Doll £6 - £26.99

Guess who's been shopping?
Well, Last night i was looking at the different Steffi Sets you can buy, And i came across this Horse Fantasy one on Amazon. It was £26.99.
(Not My Picture)
 Then i remembered that i have seen this one in the shops for only £6! I found this In Wilkinson. Its equally the same doll and accessories but in a different packaging, and its alot Cheaper!!

The doll is great! Its fully articulated and When i say fully...

Wrists and Elbows are Articulated

So are the knees and feet!

Compared to Barbie Fashionistas Dolls which are around £10-£20, This is a real Bargin!

And if you dont want the horse, Simply give it to someone who Wants it or Donate it to the Charity 

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