Sunday, 24 February 2013

Make A Request??!

Why not make a request?
Just submit a comment below and i will read everyone.
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Everything will go on Youtube 
:) :) :)

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Barbie Baby Set

Well i finally have a glue gun, and I've been using it a lot :)
we have made a lot of great items you can make too!:)
I recently bought this doll set from a local shop, its called B&M and it sell really cheep things like toys, games, DIY , kitchen...
It was £9.99 and it included a baby, a doll, bits and bots for the baby, A bath, pram crib that rocks, 2 blankets and a pillow and scales, i thought it was a really good bargain and the dolls are similar to barbie.
Its not the best picture, but its the only one i had before i completely ruined the box!;) The top had already ripped when i was looking at it but i just sewed it back up and it was fine. 
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