Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Mrs Declare the Operation was unsuccessful...

The day after Christina has just got word that the operation was unsuccessful. Of course she's upset and awaiting for Deans arrival.

Dean: Hey Babe, How are you doing?

*Kisses her*

Christina: They told me that the operation was unsuccessful :(
*Someone knocks at the door*

Doctor: Hi there! I'm sorry if I'm interrupting something. If you both could avert you eyes to the monitor for a moment, This Shouldn't take long...
*She switches of the lights*

Doctor: Okay then! Mrs Declare, Mr Thompson. As you know we were unable to complete the operation. As a precaution we asked you  to give us a urinary sample yes?*To Christina*
Christina: Yeah?
Doctor: Well we do an ultrasound right before we're about to operate to asses the damage/blockage. There was another blockage preventing us to continue the operation.
*The Doctor fiddles with the monitor and a few buttons*

Doctor: We can't operate yet because you're pregnant.
Christina:*In shock*What?

Doctor: That's right. You're having a baby. Somehow you've managed to catch this egg on the right date. It's only about 6 weeks old but as far as we know its a healthy baby. 
Christina: Is there any chance of complications happening again?
Doctor: Well, I took a moment to look at your notes.. Your last baby had an early Placental abruption cause by a force that must have hit you in that area.. So that poor baby had a loss of oxygen and couldn't survive. We'd like to see you at least once a month to check on the baby's progress to prevent any complications from  occurring, and you MUST take it easy. 

Christina:*In Tears* Oh Dean! We're having a baby!!
Dean*Smiles* I know!
Doctor: *Smiles* I'll leave this on the monitor for you two to enjoy. Congratulations!

*Dean and Christina Look at the monitor filled with joy and excitement*

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