Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Trying for a baby.. Options?

Christina and Dean are newlyweds. In the past before they got married they had a child but due to complications sadly the child died. They then decided to adopt and adopted a little girl called Kayla who's been with them now for a few months. They're meeting with a doctor to discuss their options about conceiving naturally, because of Christians last complications, they want to make sure everything will go smoothly if they want to have another baby.

Doctor: Mrs Declare, From the tests we've took it seems as though a Hydrosalpinx in your right Fallopian tube, which basically means there's a blockage there. There is surgery you can have to remove the blockage but its not always effective. There is a possibility you are able to conceive naturally but its uncommon.

Christina: Whats the non-natural way?
Doctor: Treatments are available such as IVF.
Christina: So if you successfully remove the blockage what will that do? Will i be able to
 have my own kids or...?
Doctor: If the Blockage is Successfully removed  then you have a higher probability of having children naturally.. If not then there's a less chance and lower probability

Doctor: I'll let you two talk about your options for a few minutes
*The doctor leaves the room*

Dean: So what do you want to do?

Christina: I don't know.. i think maybe having the blockage removed might be a good option?

Dean:*Moves to sit next to Christina* Well... whatever you chose i'll stick by you no matter what

*Doctor re-enters*
Doc: Have you decided what you would like to do?
Christina:...I think the best option for us is.. to.. for me to have the blockage removed.
Doctor: Okay.. Since we're not busy today we can prep you up for surgery if you'd like but you will have to stay in overnight

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